Library is a key department in any research organization that contributes significantly to the knowledge acquisition process of both students and faculty. Library collection has a wide variety of educational and research materials of all levels of academic programs. Research libraries play a vital role in promoting educational research.
The success of any research organization is directly proportional to the literature available and the state-of-the-art infrastructure in the Library. Unlike conventional Libraries, the modern digital library reaches out to its patrons anywhere in the world at his/her finger tips. By keeping this fact in mind, Kerala School of Mathematics is aiming to set a state-of-the-art digital library to its users which could enable them to access from anywhere in the world. Kerala School of Mathematics has always believed in providing the best available resources to its scholars and faculty members.
The ultimate aim of Kerala School of Mathematics Library is to become the regional mathematical depository library to serve both research scholars and faculty members to support all kinds of research activities in the field of mathematics and its allied subjects.
Kerala School of Mathematics Library OPAC can be accessed at
Library provides access to Electronic versions of Periodicals and Books and other reference materials to many databases covering the disciplines of Mathematics and Statistics.
In addition to that, the Library aims to maintain a good collection of conventional materials to support the research activity of its patrons.
Library has access to the following online databases. Currently access to these databases are available only on the IP network of Kerala School of Mathematics.