Kerala School of Mathematics, a joint initiative of the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) and Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India started functioning in the year 2009 with the objective of establishing an advanced mathematical research institute in Kerala. Under the aegis of the NBHM, Kerala School of Mathematics has been taking positive steps towards fulfilling the cherished dream of reviving its glorious tradition of conducting exceptional research in Mathematics.

One of the founding objectives of Kerala School of Mathematics is to provide a platform for excellent mathematicians from within India and Abroad to visit and spend some time here, thereby maintaining a vibrant research environment. Since its inception, the Kerala School of Mathematics has been fulfilling this objective admirably.

Kerala School of Mathematics has been established with excellent infrastructure and facilities , offering a convenient platform where people having diverse research interests can interact and flourish. The research centre intends to establish Core Research Groups in various subfields within Mathematics.

With the inclusion of the new Integrated MSc-PhD program, Kerala School of Mathematics has an active academic program. The institute also has a doctoral program. The institute also intends to support a large number of young post-doctoral fellows  from across the world. Kerala School of Mathematics also plays a major role in grooming the mathematical environment in the state of Kerala through various outreach programs.

Reaching Kerala School of Mathematics:
From Kozhikode International airport: The easiest way to reach Kerala School of Mathematics from the airport is to book an OLA cab. Though cabs can be booked with the destination as “Kerala School of Mathematics”, the cab drivers are generally not familiar with the institute. The location can then be described as “opposite to CWRDM”. In case OLA is not available, airport taxis can be booked at the airport with destination as “CWRDM”.

From Kozhikode railway station: OLA cabs can be booked from the railway station to Kerala School of Mathematics. Prepaid auto (to “CWRDM”) is also available from inside the railway station.

Reaching Kerala School of Mathematics from the city
The city has recently opened up to both OLA and Uber. It is easiest to take a cab to the institute. However, the fleet in either of the cab services is still too small. The best way to reach Kerala School of Mathematics from the city is by public transport. The bus stand nearest to Kerala School of Mathematics is called Mundikkal Thazham which is at a distance of 1.5 kms from the institute. There are regular (blue/pink) buses to Mundikkal Thazham from the bus stand called Palayam in Kozhikode. The same bus can be boarded from Puthiya Stand as well. Most buses going to REC/NIT go via Mundikkal Thazham and the waiting time for these buses is not more than 3 minutes during day at Palayam/Puthiya Stand. The travel time is around half an hour. The bus stop of Mundikkal Thazham is around 1.5 km from KSoM and autos are available from the bus stop to KSoM for thirty rupees. The availability of buses from the city and the autos from Mundikkal Thazham start reducing by 8 p.m.

The auto drivers in the city of Kozhikode are known for their honesty. They are generally reluctant to come to Kerala School of Mathematics from the city since they don’t get passengers on the way back. It is hence not unusual for auto drivers to demand 1.5 times the metered price when they come to Kerala School of Mathematics from the city and 2 times the metered price at night. The name Kerala School of Mathematics is not familiar to most people. However, CWRDM is familiar to most people in the city.