Upcoming Conferences

ICCGNFRT 2020 in October 2020: The main focus of ICCGNFRT 2020 will be on class number of number fields, Diophantine equations and interplay between them. Apart from qualitative results on class numbers, quantitative results on class numbers, the computational aspect of class groups and some geometric techniques to study class groups will be explored. The other concepts to be explored during the conference include relative class number, Picard groups and Selmer groups. In previous programs, various class number problems in special families of number fields were discussed, and this time some recent research on class number of fields of Richaud-Degert type will be presented. Our emphasis will be to outline a good roadmap for future research in the area. For this purpose, there will be keynote talks, 4-5 plenary talks and other invited talks during the conference. We hope to bring various experts working on different aspects of the Class Groups at one place. The conference will provide young researchers a unique opportunity to learn the techniques in the subject and also give them a scope to collaborate with the experts. The ICCGNFRT 2020 will be the fourth program of the series ‘International conference on class groups of number fields and related topics (ICCGNFRT)’ tentatively planned from October 9 to October 12, 2020. The previous conferences were held at HRI, and were well supported and appreciated. The previous two meetings did help in creating groups working on class groups and related topics, and encouraged healthy interaction among many researchers. One conference proceedings has already been published by Springer. More details can be obtained on the conference website given below. https://sites.google.com/site/iccgnfrt2019/.

Conference on non-commutative functional Analysis in January 2021: A six-day workshop/conference on various but closely related non-commutative aspects of operator algebras is planned for January 2021. Mathematicians and researchers from India and abroad working in related areas are expected to participate in the conference. Workshop part is meant to be instructional for young researchers interested in the area.

International conference on Number theory in January 2021: This is a five-day international conference on Number theory being planned in January 2021.

Here is a list of past conference held at Kerala School of Mathematics