Title: Black holes through different windows
Speaker: Ajith Parameswaran
Affiliation: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore
Date and Time: May 25, 2022 at 03:30 PM
Venue: Seminar Hall, Kerala School of Mathematics.

Abstract: Made entirely of curved spacetime, black holes are among the most enigmatic objects in the Universe. Although early theoretical ideas on objects like black holes go back to the eighteenth century, the first rigorous mathematical formulation of a black hole was made by Karl Schwarzschild in 1915, based on Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. A variety of astronomical observations made in the last century confirmed that black holes are not just theoretical constructs — the Universe is littered with them. Recently, a variety of astronomical observations have started to probe the detailed nature of black holes. This talk will provide a summary of this exciting journey.