This workshop is oriented towards introducing researchers in arithmetic geometry and number theory in India to arithmetic dynamics.  Arithmetic dynamics has gained a lot of momentum in the past two decades. Dynamical analogues of many long-standing conjectures and celebrated theorems of arithmetic geometry have been formed, shaped-reshaped, and in many cases, proved in arithmetic dynamics. We would like to introduce various directions of work in arithmetic dynamics and the recent progress in them to motivate the researchers.  The pattern of this workshop slightly differs from the usual trend. The participants are invited to offer a few talks.  Prerequisites on complex dynamics will be covered over a few lectures. The rest of the lectures are largely divided into three groups: Arboreal Representation, Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic Dynamics, and Nonarchimedean Dynamics. In addition, there will be three parallel discussion sessions.

Date: 15-20 May, 2023

Venue: Kerala School of Mathematics

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