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  • KSoM launched Short Term Discussion Meeting for a group of four persons from Colleges/Universities/Institutes.....

Quotations are invited for the supply of scanners at KSOM. Last date: 02-07-2018, 2.30PM More>>> 

  • 02-28 July, 2018
    AFS-III (2018)
  • AFS-III will be held as scheduled from 02 to 28 July 2018 at KSoM, Kozhikode, Kerala.

    The local government and health authorities in Kozhikode have declared travel
    to Kerala safe and also Kozhikode safe for conducting meetings/workshops.
    Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions have reopened and life has
    returned to normal at Kozhikode.
    The Nipah virus outbreak is now considered to be over..