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  • KSoM launched Short Term Discussion Meeting for a group of four persons from Colleges/Universities/Institutes.....
    The workshops are meant to refresh and train Higher Secondary Mathematics teachers on topics and concepts in the NCERT mathematics syllabus. More>>> 
    Kerala School of Mathematics (KSOM) conducting a series of orientation/refresher courses for college teachers in Kerala from August 2018 at KSOM. Mathematicians from various research institutes in India will be conducting the classes. More>>> 
    We are creating a registry of the Mathematics Teachers from colleges and Universities in Kerala.  Those interested to be a partner in the endeavour and willing to spend at least five days as tutors every year during the conduct of the programme, are welcome to join the Registry.  More>>> 
  • 27 November - 01 December, 2018
    School on Analytic Number Theory
    Introducing two important problems in Analytic Number Theory.
    Registration Closed. List of Selected Candidates

  • 10-14 December, 2018
    International Conference on Number Theory
    The conference aims to bring the mathematicians in the field of automorphic forms and allied areas to demonstrate their current research work in this vast area of research.

  • 08-16 December, 2018
    Expected Visitors at KSoM
    1. Prof. N. P. Skoruppa, University of  Siegen, Germany